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Product Detailed
1.GMP standard 2.Reduce Energy and Material Consumption 3,High Efficiency


MAE microwave assisted extraction (continuous) production unit consists of the follows1. Extraction device and solid and liquid separator2. Concentration, purification and solvent recovery systems3. Drying system 4. CIP and SIP systems 5. Automatic control and PLC systems

Brief introduction to technological flowExtraction:Put the medicine powder smashed to the required fineness into the steeping tank, and add the required 1/2 solvent for blending. After steeped for a period of time, add another 1/2 hot water and continue the blending and steeping until the designated time. Pump the medicine powder into the microwave radiation cavity by the pump, and after repeating the operation several tens of minutes to several minutes, close the circulating valve and open the middle tank valve. At the same time, open the microwave radiation device. After the requirements are satisfied, open the valve going to the filter and close the middle tank valve to carry out filtration. The filtration residues will be discharged into the residue cart. The filtrate will enter the extraction and liquid amount, start the liquid material pump and put it into the setting tank for deposition.ConcentrationSeparate the deposition from the setting tank and put the clear solution into the super-speed centrifugal machine for separation. The clear solution will enter the storage tank and then be put into the deep-level filter for filtration. The filtrate will be stored in the storage tank (high level). According to the technological requirements of different injection types, two kinds of concentration and purification lines are available for selection.

Brief introduction to equipment principleIn the high frequency electromagnetic field, the plant granules in the polar solvent will absorb the solvent and the polar molecules will interact with the microwave electromagnetic field. Due to the absorption of microwave energy, they will be polarized. Under the effect of AC high frequency electromagnetic field ,both polar and non-polar molecules are repetitively polarized. The repetitive variation of polarity will lead to fierce rotation. The frequency reaches 2.45 billion times /second. Therefore, the fierce collision and abrasion generated will cause the fierce collision and abrasion generated will cause the plant cells (vascular bundle and acinus)to produce large amount of heat energy and result in expansion of liquid bubbles and wall breaking of cells, so as to make the cells containing effective content outflow and enter the solution, which will rapidly disperse due to the solution, which will rapidly disperse due to the rising temperature. Additionally, the penetration of cells so that the effective content in plant cells will be rapidly leached and the purpose of extraction will be realized.

Features of MAE traditonal Chinese medicine extraction system Energy savingThe heat produced by the microwave heating comes from the internal heat effect inside the polar molecules without any heat resistance and the movement directions of heat dispersion and molecule dispersion are same. The interpenetration of solute and solvent is rapid and the extraction time only requires 30s-10min, with the temperature of 60~70°C. The extraction temperature in CME is required to be 100°C and the time totally be 8~10Hr with 2~3 different times. The concentration time in CME is 2.5~2.7 Times higher than that in MAE, but the energy consumption in MAE is only 10~20% of that in CMF (traditional extraction).

Consumptio reductionMAE requires 6~8 times of medicine materials, and the extraction and purification are completed at one time. But CME requires 16~20 times of medicine materials, especially the organic solvent will requires another set of solvent recovery device and the time to recover the solvent recovery device and he time to recover the solvent will also be added. The consumption of solvent in MAE is only 30%~40% of that in CME. It reduces the solvent consumed for concentration. Due to the penetrability of microwave, the effect content in plant fibers will be rapidly transferred into the solvent, so that the transfer rate will be increased about 30-70%, so that more products can be produced by making the most of the limited medicine materials and the pollution to organic solvent will be greatly reducde at the same

Environment friendly Thanks to the reduction of organic solvent consumption and the increase of utilization rate of medicine materials, the discharge of medicine residues and waste water containing organic solvent will be reduced. The operation of closed system can be realized in MAE and the strength of poisonous gas in the air can be greatly reduced so as to prevent pollution to the environment and facilitate the programmable control. Furthermore, the extraction temperature ranges between 60°C and 70°C, which has eliminated the worry to high temperature or high humidity as occurred in CME production environment.

Large quantity and excellent qualityMAE provides optional heating and the temperature is comparably low with the advantage of free of temperature gradient. Moreover, due to wall breaking of cells, the effective content in plant acinus will be leached with high transfer rate and excellent quality, which is different from the decomposition and damage due to high temperature in CME.

Benefit enhancement Due to the reduction of energy and material consumption, the production period is shortened and the utilization rate of equipment is enhanced. Therefore, the operation cost for products is reduced. In addition, the reclaiming rate is enhanced and the purity of products is excellent, so that it will truly bring economic benefits for enterprises.


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