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Roots water ring vacuum unit

Roots water ring vacuum unit
Product Detailed
1.save water and reduce the environmental pollution 2.high vacuum 3. big pumping speed


JZJ2B/JZJ2S series Roots water ring vacuum unit is composed of ZJ or ZJB Roots vacuum pump as the main pump and 2BV or 2SK water ring vacuum pump or Roots water ring aircrew as the fore pump,It not only can suction the general gases,but also can suction the other gases contain moisture or a small quantity of dust.Compared with the general mechanical vacuum pump,it is not afraid of oil pollution ,moisture and dust.And compared with general water ring pump, it gets high vacuum and big pumping speed when it works in the high vacuum.The unit is used extensively in many areas such as chemical, electric, machinery, pharmacy, altitude simulant test, food sublimation drying etc When the oil is used as the working liquid of the fore pump,it can effectively increase the vacuum of Roots vacuum unit( refer to parameter list),Roots oil ring unit is closed circulation system,which can       reduce the pollution and save water. It is widely used in the vacuum dipping, vacuum drying, and vacuum pumping.

How to choose the Roots water ring vacuum pump unit: Generally ,to choose the water ring pump as the fore pump is more favorable than others,because it can pumping vast condensable steam ,especially when use the gas ballast oil and sealed mechanical vacuum pump is not able to eliminate condensable steam,or the suction solvents can deteriorate pump oil then effect its performance,or sometimes the system is not allowed the pollution .When choosing the vacuum unit,it is necessary to make the working vacuum half or more than one of the ultimate vacuum in order to meet the requirements.Roots water ring unit generally have the following types:& Roots pump +water ring pump: The function of the water ring vacuum pump is to form the pre-vacuum for the Roots pump. at present, 2BV.2BE1,2SK series water ring vacuum pump usually are used as the fore pump,they can increase the ultimate vacuum of the unit.Actually don’t have SK series water ring vacuum pump with low vacuum.& Roots pump+Roots pump+water ring pump:When use a Roots vacuum pump,especially combine with water ring vacuum pump,the entire unit maybe have the lower vacuum and the using restricted range,but if two Roots pumps combine with water ring pump again can significantly increase the entire vacuum.&Roots pump+Roots pump+Roots pump+water ring pump:If the two Roots pumps and water ring pump still can’t meet the requirement of the vacuum, another Roots pump can be added,these series Roots pump units are used in high vacuum technology of vacuum freezing or dryingType presentation:EX: JZJ2B300-2.1    Jon behalf of the first letter of the unit   ZJon behalf of the main pump using ZJ series Roots vacuum pump   2Bon behalf of the fore pump is 2BV/2BE series water ring vacuum pump   2Son behalf of the backing pump is 2SK series water ring vacuum pump   300 is the suction speed of the main pump (L/S)   2.1 is the suction speed ratio among the three pumps (the suction speed ratio between the main  pump and secondary pump is 2,and the second and the fore is 1)  

 Roots vacuum unit selection consideration:

Learn the pumping gas composition,containing non-condensable,with or without particle dust,with or without corrosiveness and others,so it is easier to select the appropriate pump.If the gas contain steam,particles ,and corrosive gases should be considered in the pump inlet piping installation of auxiliary equipment,such as condenser,dust separator and so on.Roots vacuum unit working pressure should meet the vacuum equipment with the maximum vacuum and working pressure requirement.EX:A vacuum drying process requirements 10mmHg(absolute pressure) of the working pressure,the choice of the vacuum limit pressure at least 2mmHg,preferably less than 1mmHg.Roots vacuum unit is necessary to select the correct operating point.unit’s normal working range is the maximum suction pressure –limit pressure×5.EX:JZJ2B150-2.1 Roots water ring vacuum unit’s normal working range is:6000Pa-125Pa.This is the normal range working pressure after opening the main pump,the unit has the best efficiency within this scope..Vacuum pump unit in its working pressure should be able to discharge all the gas in the equipment process. According to actual condition to choice the appropriate unit configuration.EX:JZJ2B300-4.1 unit and JZJ2B300-2.1 unit the maximum pumping is the same as the pressure,but the difference is the scope of their work and the power consumption. JZJ2B300-4.1 unit of the normal working range is 2000Pa-125Pa, JZJ2B300-2.1 unit of the normal working range is 5000Pa-125Pa.Obviously JZJ2B300-2.1 has wider working range,but its power consumption is also greater.If we can confirm that the work pressure of pumping system was<2000Pa should be preferred JZJ2B300-4.1 unit to save energy. However, if the system requires a strong unit of pre-pumping capacity, and work unit take longer time at higher pressure, the greater use before the pump JZJ2B300-2.1 units more appropriate. Explanation:1.The table above are the recommended standard series.Because under the various practical working conditions,  the suction gases and the pressure will have many changes , . when choose the unit, the actual working conditons, the gas release process,the condensable gas condensation conditions and suction pressure of time should be considered etc. Others refer to the existing equipments.2.Detailed technical specifications of a single pump refer to the pump parameter .3.The maximum pressure that enable the main pump work,if the main pump works under the max suction pressure for a period, it may be overloaded .Such as the vacuum pump motor, electric contact vacuum table, cabinet need proof, please specify when ordering, on the table 2BV2 series corresponding to 2BV2-Ex series, 2BV5 series corresponding to 2BV6 series.

Roots water ring vacuum unit

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